lymph gland

lymph gland
the source of lymph and lymphocytes
Syn: ↑lymph node, ↑node
Hypernyms: ↑lymphatic tissue, ↑lymphoid tissue
Hyponyms: ↑axillary node, ↑Peyer's patch, ↑Peter's gland, ↑bubo

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noun or lymph node
: one of the rounded masses of lymphoid tissue surrounded by a capsule of connective tissue that occur in various parts of the body in the course of the lymphatic vessels and that consist of a reticulum of connective tissue fibers in the meshes of which are contained numerous small round cells each having a large round deeply staining nucleus and when carried off by the lymph flowing through the gland becoming a lymphocyte

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lymph gland or lymph node noun
Any of the small masses of tissue sited along the lymphatic vessels, in which lymph is purified, and lymphocytes are formed
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Main Entry:lymph

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lymph gland variant UK US
Main entry: lymph node

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lymph gland,
any one of the bean-shaped, glandlike bodies occurring along the paths of the lymphatic vessel. A lymph gland is composed of a network of connective tissue and is active as a source of lymphocytes. Lymph glands filter out bacteria and other harmful microorganisms from lymph. »

Tonsils…have at last been pin-pointed as the primary site of polio infection, along with similar lymph glands in the small intestine (Science News Letter).

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n. less technical term for lymph node

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ˈlymph node 7 [lymph node] (also ˈlymph gland) noun
one of the small round parts of the ↑lymphatic system that stores ↑lymphocytes and helps fight infection

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